...about Sheryl McCammon


Sheryl is a self taught professional artist who describes her work as contemporary realism.

As a painter she favours acrylics and paints from photographs. She loves painting water reflections with the Otago harbour and Stewart Island being favourite places that provide Sheryl opportunities to paint boats in tranquil bays, boat shed reflections and to capture a mood or a moment in time. Other favourite subjects are old farmhouses and forgotten objects where Sheryl uses shadow and light to enhance the fine detail and textures of peeling paint or rusting corrugated iron.

Sheryl also carries out a variety of graphic art - from illustrating books, designing promotional material, logos, business cards and murals. In 2016 Sheryl joined the 'Poems in the Waiting Room' Charitable trust with her friend and neighbour Ruth Arnison. Sheryl now divides her time between painting on canvas, working on projects such as Lilliput Libraries, Poems on Steps, Poems on Chairs and various other Community projects.