Recent Works

  • Still Waters Still Waters (250 mm x 700 mm)
  • Taking Over SOLD Taking Over (570mm x 700mm)
  • Going Nowhere Going Nowhere (600 mm x 500 mm)
  • St Bathans SOLD St Bathans (635mm x 635mm)
  • Herbert SOLD Herbert (800mm x 900mm)
  • Misty Morning Misty Morning (900 mm x 600 mm)
  • Herbert Cab SOLD Herbert Cab (650mm x 500mm)
  • Post Post Post Post (500 mm x 400 mm)
  • 638 SOLD 638 (500mm x 400mm)
  • Carey's Bay Reflections Carey's Bay Reflections (300mm x 900mm)
  • Boat Sheds Boat Sheds (900 mm x 600 mm)
  • Carey's Bay Wharf Carey's Bay Wharf (400mm x 500mm)
  • Grace Grace (920mm x 500mm)
  • Casting Shadows SOLD Casting Shadows (750mm x 600mm)
  • Anchored SOLD Anchored (500 mm x 700 mm)
  • Moored Moored (500 mm x 700 mm)
  • 'Ropes' Stewart Island SOLD 'Ropes' Stewart Island (910mm x 710mm)
  • Weathered SOLD Weathered (910 mm x 500 mm)
  • Blue Row Boat SOLD Blue Row Boat (610mm x 460mm)
  • Sitting Pretty SOLD Sitting Pretty (200mm x 400mm)
  • Nice Spot SOLD Nice Spot (760mm x 610mm)
  • Flowering Flax SOLD Flowering Flax (700 mm x 550 mm)
  • Chook Chook Chook Chook (500 mm x 500 mm)
  • Watertank Watertank (600 mm x 460 mm)

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Recent Exhibitions

2018, August  - Tranquil Trio with Allan Batt and Philip Beadle. Byrce Gallery, Christchurch

...McCammon describes her paintings as contemporary realism, although the depiction of like by the ocean has a nostalgic feel too, with their sense of tides that soothe just as they erode......


2015, November - Cinque Artiste with Karen Baddack, Pia Davie, Anna Priluka and Catherine Garrett. The Artist's Room, Dunedin.

......Sheryl McCammon provides overviews of rural and semirural Otago.......with McCammon, fine detail and texture catch the eye, in the peeling paint and rusted metal of the artisit's studies of buildings and vehicles"

                             James Dignan (Otago Daily Times' Arts Reviewer) 


2015. Featured artist for the month of June in Blackfish's New Zealand ART calendar for 2015   


2013, May - Stewart Island and other Works. The Artist's Room, Dunedin

".....Light plays on the water as small fishing boats rise and fall slowly on the the tide. At the water's edge, small boatsheds sit amidst the vegetation, the beech branches bending slightly in the dappled sunlight. This is the world of Sheryl McCammon's softly warm acrylic paintings, a world where time is slow and the waters lap gently. McCammon's paintings with their clear clean lines and flat, opaque paint, excellently encapsulate this lazy half-remembered mood. 

The artist's strength is her ability to depict moving water, beautifully recreating the silky fluidity of light on it's rippling surface. She is equally at home showing the incursions of time and sun onto the fading weatherboards and iron farmhouses amongst the hills...."

                          James Dignan (Otago Daily Times' Arts Reviewer) 


2012, July/August - Artists in the Terminal; Dunedin International Airport

2011, May: ' Intrinsic '- with Karen Baddock. The Artist's Room, Dunedin

2010, August: 'The Real, the Unreal and the Surreal' - with Ro Bradshaw and Anna Majboroda. The Artist's Room, Dunedin.

2010, February: Norfolk House Realist Show - won most popular painting by public vote.

2009, July: 'A Feminine Palette' - with Jan Ingram and Maria Kemp. The Artist's Room, Dunedin.

2009, February: Norfolk House Realist Show.

2008, November: 'Up Close and Personal' - sole show. The Artist's Room, Dunedin

2007, September: 'From Here to There' - with Penny Smith. The Artist's Room, Dunedin.

2007, April: 'Observations' - with Karen Pringle. Riverton Arts Centre.


Sheryl has also had sole/group exhibitions at: Marlborough Gallery, Queenstown, Lawerence, Invercargill, Gore and the Dunedin Railway Station.

Other Works

  • Strawberries SOLD Strawberries
  • Wharf's End Wharf's End (600 x 750mm)
  • Carey's Bay SOLD Carey's Bay (600 x 300 mm)
  • Rattray Street Rattray Street (710 x 560 mm)
  • Making Waves SOLD Making Waves (915 x 460mm)
  • Avanti Avanti (710 x 610mm)
  • Fishing Boats SOLD Fishing Boats (380 x 760mm)
  • Carey's bay SOLD Carey's bay (610mm x 910mm)
  • Red Boat - Carey's Bay SOLD Red Boat - Carey's Bay (380mm x 760mm)
  • Side by side SOLD Side by side (550mm x 700mm)
  • Old and New SOLD Old and New (600mm x 460mm)
  • Rural Delivery SOLD Rural Delivery (610mm x 510mm)

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